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All About Certeza BP Apparatuses

Looking for reliable and accurate blood pressure monitoring solutions? Look no further than Certeza BP Apparatus. With a range of models tailored to suit your needs, Certeza offers peace of mind when it comes to monitoring your blood pressure. Let's explore the Certeza BP Apparatus range available in Pakistan, along with their prices and features.

Certeza BP Apparatus Price in Pakistan

Model Type Price (PKR)
Certeza CR-1002 Manual Aneroid with Dial 2050
Certeza BM-300 Wrist 3100
Certeza BM-307 Wrist 3399
Certeza CR-1004 Manual Aneroid with Dial 2399
Certeza CR-1006 Manual Aneroid with Dial 3299
Certeza BM 400 Digital 3699
Certeza BM 408 Digital 4199
Certeza BM 405 Digital 4299
Certeza BM 407 Digital 4699
Certeza BM-450 Digital 5499
Certeza CR-2001 (Mercurial) Manual Mercurial Sphygmomanometer 5500
Certeza CR-2001 (Mercury-Free) Manual Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer 9499

The best price of certeza blood pressure monitors start from lowest Rs.2,050 to the highest Rs.9,499.

Certeza BP Apparatus Features

  • Accuracy: Trust Certeza for precise blood pressure readings to monitor your health effectively.
  • Reliability: With Certeza, you can rely on consistent performance and durability.
  • Ease of Use: Whether digital or manual, Certeza BP apparatus are designed for user-friendly operation.

Certeza Blood Pressure Monitors Review

Read Certeza BP apparatus reviews by clicking on the products above to learn about users' experiences with these reliable monitoring devices. Make an informed decision and choose Certeza for your blood pressure monitoring needs.


Invest in your health with Certeza BP Apparatus. Whether you prefer digital or manual monitoring, Certeza offers a range of reliable options at competitive prices in Pakistan. Choose accuracy, reliability, and ease of use with Certeza blood pressure monitors.