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Electric Heating Pad

A heating pad is a device used to apply heat therapy to the body for pain relief or relaxation. It typically consists of a soft pad with heating elements inside that generate warmth when plugged in. Heating pads come in various sizes and shapes, with some featuring adjustable temperature settings for customized comfort. They are commonly used to alleviate muscle stiffness, joint pain, menstrual cramps, and other discomforts.

Certeza Heating Pads Price in Pakistan

Certeza offers a range of heating pads in Pakistan, including the Certeza HP-250 priced at ₨4,000, the Certeza HP-220 at ₨3,500, and the Certeza HP-260 specifically designed for shoulder and neck relief, priced at ₨5,500.

Heating Pads for Period & Cramps

Certeza HP-250 & Certeza HP-220 can be used in Periods and Cramps while Certeza HP-260 can only be used for shoulder and neck relief.