Certeza Glucometer Price in Pakistan

 The price of certeza glucometers depends on the functionality and quality of product. The price of all glucometers with test strips are given in a table below:

Glucometer ModelPrice (Rs.)
Certeza GL-107 Glucose Monitor1000
Certeza GL-107 Glucose Monitor Test Strips1250
Certeza GL-110 Glucose Monitor1750
Certeza GL-110 Glucose Monitor Test Strips1450
Certeza GL-100 Glucose Monitor1600
Certeza GL-100 Glucose Monitor Test Strips1250

Certeza Glucometer GL-110 Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Certeza Glucometer GL-110 is available at an affordable price of Rs.1200. This model offers reliable performance and accurate readings, making it a popular choice among individuals managing diabetes.

Certeza Sugar Strips Price in Pakistan

For those in Pakistan looking to purchase Certeza Sugar Strips for their glucometer, these strips prices are starting from lowest Rs.850 to highest Rs.1300. These strips ensure precise readings, helping users monitor their blood sugar levels effectively.

Certeza Glucometer Review

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